Clearwater River Casino Restaurant Cards – Great Family Memories

clearwater river casino restaurant

Clearwater River Casino Restaurant Cards – Great Family Memories

The Clearwater River Casino is a true destination for those who love gaming. While it is great fun to visit the casino and just dine, why not try something more special? So, where can you find a great gift that can be used by everyone in your family? Well, one choice is the Clearwater River Casino Gift Certificate which has been a huge hit with family members for many years now.

Many years ago, some of the game operators in Clearwater had a hard time finding givers to give away the certificates. However, some of them got a lot of support from the general public. Soon after, a very successful website was born, which served as the clearing house for all of the certificates. This kept the company well funded and supplied with a steady stream of card holders. Today, they are all over the world, whether in big cities or the countryside.

There are many websites online that provide help with collecting certificates for Clearwater. You simply fill out an application and make an appointment to pick up the certificate. The holders then mail the certificates directly to the main office in Clearwater. If you send in your request for an afternoon pick up, you will have them by the end of the week.

Another great thing about this certificate is that there is usually a waiting list, so it can save you a lot of time in getting your certificate. If you are planning on going to the casino but don’t want to wait, you should definitely order a certificate. You might even consider sending in your invitations to the casino, so you will know what people are going to be there.

Because of the name of the restaurant itself, it should come with a certificate as well. When you are paying for your meal, just take the card to the cashier to give to the person at the counter. This certificate shows that you have paid for the meal and you are paying at least ten percent of the bill. Since it’s a real restaurant, the bar tender will read the certificate right there when you pay for your meal.

What makes it even better is that if you have some friends visiting you in the hotel or even at your restaurant, you can also use the card to pay for any room service. This gives you even more fun, especially if you bring your wedding party. Most of the restaurants have added a fifteen percent discount to your card, which is great for people who have a high limit on their cards.

As you can see, the Clearwater River Casino Gift Certificate is a great way to create a lasting memory for everyone in your family. You won’t forget any of it, since the restaurant is located at the Clearwater Marina and everyone in the family will enjoy it.