The Newest Entertainment Destination in the State of Florida

One of the newest casino locations in Florida is the Clearwater River Casino Lewiston. This new and exciting destination provides an exclusive and intimate setting to play casino games.

Players that visit this casino in the area are sure to be overwhelmed by the amazing array of entertainment options. The casino offers one of the most exciting attractions in the state, the Lewiston Casino. This indoor water park features state-of-the-art rides and water slides. Guests will be transported to a luxurious resort with astounding surroundings that is surrounded by mountains and green hills.

There are many different areas where you can choose to do business. Choose one of the amazing resorts with the following amenities. They are located in two different locations that offer fantastic view of the river. Guests have access to a popular restaurant where they can enjoy prime steaks, burgers and delicious fresh seafood. If that isn’t enough there are also several wonderful bars, lounges and lounge areas to relax in the luxury of the Silver Level Lounge.

The Lewiston River Casino offers a wide variety of interactive games like VIP lounges, poker, slots, bingo and video poker. The casino also has numerous dining options to make it very comfortable and enticing for guests to visit.

The Lewiston River Casino is a true entertainment center, featuring multiple stages for live music. There are also both indoor and outdoor theaters that are designed for entertainment. This place is the perfect place to spend a day in and of itself, however the rooms are also equipped with a full service casino atmosphere.

The great thing about this casino is that it allows guests to choose between live shows and the casino games. Guests are provided with an opportunity to view shows, poker games, high roller machines and many more. They are able to enjoy a special theatrical experience while enjoying a live show.

This casino is located in an impressive and spectacular setting in the beautiful town of Lewiston. The casino offers plenty of room for friends and family to stay and enjoy each other’s company. The new accommodations provide a great deal of available space for people to enjoy each other’s company.

All of the amenities found at the Clearwater River Casino are fantastic. This is the perfect casino for all of your parties and special events. Bring the whole family along to enjoy the crystal clear waters of the Clearwater River.