Lewiston, Idaho – Best Summer Holiday Spot Near the Clearwater River

On a mid-July evening in Lewiston, Idaho, on the Clearwater River Casino Leewiston, a visitor walked out into the casino area and found several groups of gamblers milling around the wide open plaza outside the casino. Just a few steps further and the visitor could be watching the casino playing area from the comfort of their car, and enjoying the view.

clearwater river casino lewiston idaho

The area around the Clearwater River Casino Leewiston is the fastest growing area on the Clearwater River. It’s a low traffic area with beautiful scenery surrounding the casino. Of course, it also happens to be a great place for you to spend your summer holidays!

When I decided to come visit the Clearwater River Casino Leewiston, I had a set of goals for my trip. My first goal was to play in the casino. My second goal was to meet up with friends that live in Leewiston, Idaho.

I started my journey by driving all the way from Boise, Idaho. After spending two long days driving around the beautiful mountains and exploring the community of Lewiston, I finally arrived in Lewiston, Idaho. The first thing I did upon arriving was to stop in at the Silver Dollar City in the summertime to get a good cup of coffee.

After drinking a couple cups of coffee I sat in the shade in the plaza outside the casino to enjoy the huge crowd that was outside. I watched as casino goers played in the open area and watched other people gamble as well. This area is perfect for quiet time in the summer. As I was sitting there relaxing I enjoyed the beautiful setting and didn’t even notice the tourists on the walkway walking down to the river or the cars on the four-lane expressway!

For my next goal, I wanted to go see the Clearwater River and fish for bass. This was a goal I took very seriously. I knew I would need to find a spot to fish as soon as I arrived. I soon found a nice spot in the middle of the plaza, where there were some shallow holes that had plenty of room for fish to swim.

After setting up my fishing rods and a couple of flies, I started reeling in a big fish. This fish was probably about twenty to thirty pounds. At first it took me a little while to reel it in but it was worth it. Once I got my hook in the water, I managed to pull in the big one!

My favorite thing about the Clearwater River Casino Leewiston is the fact that I’m surrounded by beautiful scenery all the time. Whether I’m sitting outside in the shade or outside during the day, the scenery is always beautiful.